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We get a lot of questions like, ‘What is this for?’ As if there needs to be a reason beyond it being awesome. Dinosaurs. Chaos Theory. Raptors in the Kitchen. It's an irreverent, hilarious two act comedy that premiered in 2009 in a backyard in Lincoln, NE with a cast and crew of 35 before an audience of 250.

Rights to Jurassic Park the Musical

Contact us at jurassicparkthemusical @ gmail.com for the rights to perform this show.


creative team

Writer/Composer/Conductor:      Phillip Malcom
Writer/Lyricist/Director:                Aaron Holmes
Producer:                                                 Lindsay Kerns
Videographer/Documentarian:    Mark Hennings 

for a more complete list of cast and crew, feel free to contact us.


JPTM first performance on Vimeo!

Jurassic Park The Musical is finally available to the internet public over at Vimeo. Accept no substitutes! This is the Jurassic Park The Musical you've been waiting your whole life (or at least since 1993) to see.



Jurassic Park The Musical: The Documentary

Check out Mark Hennings' behind the scenes documentary about the 2009 performance of Jurassic Park The Musical!